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From the General Manager – June 2009


Dear friends,

The first half of 2009 is almost gone, and I’m continually amazed at how much has transpired at Arizona Public Media.

In early-March, KUAT Channel 6 and our public media organization celebrated 50 years of service to the Tucson community and Southern Arizona. Ironically, at the end of March, we signed-off KUAT Channel 6 (analog) and this month on June 12th, we will terminate analog program services on sister station KUAS Channel 27. After June 12th Arizona Public Media, like all broadcasters, will provide program services as digital channels only -- and we will continue to offer what we believe to be the best content on television, radio and online.

As we wind down our fiscal year this month, your support has never been more important. I hope you will take pause to consider joining, renewing or making an additional gift in support of program services, which are provided as a benefit to you and our entire community.

I am gratified by our many successes, thanks to your continued support. During our March fund raising month for example, we heard from over 7500 viewers and listeners who joined, renewed or made an additional gift. During these times of economic turmoil, we were especially pleased to have such a demonstrable vote of approval. It is just another example of the unique nature of the Southern Arizona community.

For a half-century we have delivered consistent, award-winning, in-depth news and public affairs, science and nature, arts, entertainment and educational children’s programming, and we have moved in a bold way into the digital age, offering our content in virtually every available delivery platform. We provide exceptional original content for and about this community from Arizona Illustrated, Arizona Spotlight and The Desert Speaks to last year’s Phoenix Mars Mission: Ashes to Ice and last week’s Tucson Remembers: The Korean War, to name but a few.

If you are a fan or supporter of our stations, we thank you. If you haven’t tuned in lately, we invite you to see all the new offerings and classic favorites that Arizona Public Media offers through television, radio and online. Our hope is that you will continue to find us worthy of your time as a viewer, listener and supporter for the next 50 years.


Jack Gibson
Director and General Manager
Arizona Public Media®

Director Fiscal-Year General Manager,

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