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AZ Week Notebook entry


Consider Arizona Public Media's new news and public affairs show, Arizona Week, to be a program in a hurry. For while the KUAT-TV version will debut 30 days from today, we can't wait to start, so the online manifestations begin here and now, with this blog.

To follow later this week: a Twitter account, to be called @azweek. Later, we will set up a Facebook page, called AZWeek.

We will build the blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts as we go, using them to document the day-to-day activities of the staff making this TV show come to life, sharing the details of how we structure, plan and prepare for Arizona Week.

We will chronicle the effort, seek user and viewer input and, as we get closer to on-air launch, reveal the topics we will be covering, who our guests will be and the names of reporters on each week’s panel.

We envision the program as interactive via these venues. User and viewer comments and response will be a key element of the show, so bring ‘em on.

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About AZ Week Notebook

News and commentary from Arizona Week producer/host Michael Chihak and interns Melanie Huonker and Lucy Valencia.