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AZ Week Notebook entry


Arizona legislators are not yet in scramble mode, but they are approaching the time of year when, in the past, marathon floor sessions have dominated their days, and nights.

Senate President Steve Pierce has said all along that he wants to hit the same time frame as last year's session, which ended on its 101st day. The 101st day this year will be April 17.

Can they make it? We'll ask for this Friday's Arizona Week broadcast, 8:30 p.m. MST on PBS-HD6.

It could be a heavy lift. The Legislature still has the budget to deal with, and indications this week are that they may not be very far along in crafting an agreement with Gov. Jan Brewer on it.

They also must complete work on the governor's major piece of legislation for this session, state personnel reform.

Scheduled for the program so far:

-- State Senate Majority Leader Andy Biggs.

-- State Senate Assistant MInority Leader Leah Landrum Taylor.

-- Arizona Public Media political correspondents Andrea Kelly and Christopher Conover.

We are also seeking an interview with a Republican leader in the state House.

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News and commentary from Arizona Week producer/host Michael Chihak and interns Melanie Huonker and Lucy Valencia.

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