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Among interesting tidbits in the coming state legislative races, which in combination have the potential to reshape the Legislature and its leadership.

Although not in the Senate, where the top two Republicans, President Steve Pierce and Majority Leader Andy Biggs, are unopposed. The third in command, Sen. Frank Antenori of Tucson, faces a tough fight against former legislator David Bradley.

Eight sitting senators -- five Republicans, three Democrats -- are surrendering their seats for one or another reason -- termed out, running for higher office, running in the House.

Running for the House is Sen. Lori Klein, a first-termer who is taking on House Speaker Andy Tobin. It's a crowded Republican primary, with Rep. Karen Fann of Prescott also on the ballot.

In Pima County, it's mathematically possible that of the 21 legislative seats tied to the Tucson metro area, the number of Republicans elected could be as low as one. That's unlikely, but it is possible because of uncontested seats and redistricting that has put Republicans in more competitive situations.

Does all of this give credence to the GOP complaint -- backed by a lawsuit callenging the new maps -- that redistricting favored Democrats?

We'll discuss fully on Friday's Arizona Week, 8:30 p.m. MST on PBS 6, or online at

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