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Cue Sheet – March 2012


The first day of spring this year is Tuesday, March 20, and spring is clearly the most popular season among classical composers. For summer, autumn and winter I can drop relevant pieces onto the schedule here and there, but for spring there's enough music for a full day of programming.

We'll launch the season between 6 and 7 a.m. with some lesser-known short items, i addition to the popular On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring by Delius. Vivaldi's "Spring" Concerto will blossom shortly before the 8:01 news, and the day will continue with the expected spring works by Stravinsky, Copland, Beethoven, Strauss and Schumann--and a lot of unexpected music, as well. You can inspect the full schedule here.


Here's a very interesting little article on the effect sound has on the way we perceive taste. Noise apparently makes us less sensitive to salt, which is another reason bar food is oversalted--besides the usual explanation that it's intended to make you thirsty and order more drinks. It also proposes that the roar of the engines is what makes airplane food taste so icky. And perhaps this also explains why the restaurants I enjoy most have only a low murmur of conversation and no music blaring over the sound system; the pianist in the next room half-heartedly going through Andrew Lloyd Webber's greatest hits is only a minor inconvenience.

Of course, my boss would never endorse any suggestion that you turn off the radio to make your breakfast taste better ...


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