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Not long ago, Jacqueline Kain, Arizona Public Media's chief content officer, was chatting with me about possible improvements to and expansion of the arts coverage on Arizona Illustrated, starting early next year. All well and good for us insiders to concoct schemes, but perhaps you have some ideas of your own. What would you like to see in Arizona Illustrated's arts coverage? Comment below, but I ask two things of you. First, we're talking only about arts coverage; please direct your comments or questions or complaints about other aspects of the show elsewhere. Second, please just suggest things you'd actually watch; idealism is great, but what's good in theory isn't very useful if it leads to something you don't really care about. OK, go.


Sausca @ Sep 5, 2012

This could not be more timely, although early next year seems a long way off. Given the media situation in Tucson there is a crying need for more arts coverage, especially of the performing arts. There needs to be more listings, simple disclosure of what is being performed and when; then there needs to be serious commentary and criticism. AZPM should arise above show and tell, and boosterism. There needs to be honest criticism of what we are offered and what we are not. Pitch the programming to the level of the people who actually go to performances, not those who don't. There is a remarkable lack of buzz about performances here. Since AZPM doesn't publish a magazine like many PBS affiliates do and since we are increasingly digital, how about a website or section that would serve as a hub for all of this. The radio stations are probably the best site for some things, and the TV station for other things. Broadcasts of local productions is a rare thing, we could use more of that. More features on local organizations, I have a hard time remembering any. The overall committment that goes thru the AZPM organization is the important thing. After all AZPM is in the public service business and this would be an excellent part of that service.

Jennifer Jenkins @ Oct 12, 2012

I wonder if you could share this info,or maybe do a feature. This local film history event is going to be a really wonderful town-gown collaboration!

We are accepting and inspecting home movie submissions on the day, too.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide in publicizing this event!

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