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About 20 years ago, I was chatting with Robert Bernhardt, who was then the music director of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, and noted that with his strong interest in Mahler it was a little surprising that he showed little inclination to perform Bruckner (who actually has more in common with Wagner than with Mahler, but never mind). Bruckner's Seventh Symphony, I suggested, might be a good choice to do with the TSO, since it's one of his most admired symphony and has good tunes, but is relatively compact, compared to the composer's Fifth and Eighth. Bob demurred, pointing out that the score requires four Wagner tubas, which would be hard to get in Tucson. This argument was a little bit of a dodge, since it's common to substitute euphoniums for the Wagner tubas, but what, you may ask, is a Wagner tuba, anyway? Barbara Jepson of The Wall Street Journal explains all.


Victor Valenzuela @ May 5, 2013

Mr. Reel, I have always listening to your points of view and perspective. However, as a French Horn player and a huge fan of the Wagner Tuben, your comment on using Euphoniums in place of Wagner Tubas is incorrect. If you have been present for a performance of a Bruckner Symphony that uses EUPHONIUMS rather than Tubens that indeed was a very rare and special occasion. I have, in 24+ years as a professional Horn player and Wagner Tuba player, never been a part of a Bruckner Symphony that uses EUPHONIUMS! It is not the standard practice of Professional orchestras!

Victor Valenzuela 3rd Horn, Tucson Symphony Orchestra

Peter W @ May 20, 2013

I was actually going to say something similar on the lines of what Victor mentioned. Euphoniums aren't usually used in typical high end orchestras.

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