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Here's a photo gallery of beautiful interiors of opera houses around the world. Note that most of them are older buildings, before the minimalist aesthetic took over in the 1960s (and ruined opera-house and concert-hall acoustics; the shape of the room and ornamentation on the walls have as much to do with the sound of a place as its look). There are may recent opera buildings with stunning exteriors, but you don't get interiors like these anymore.

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Sausca @ Jul 7, 2013

Always exciting to see a post by Mr. Reel in the Cue Sheet. However his comments are somewhat lacking. Most of the classic European Opera houses although beautiful to behold were constructed for socializing not opera. The orchestra floors are the size of a postage stamp. The boxes are narrow and deep Very very few seats have decent views of the stage. Many of the houses have curtains to close off the boxes so the patrons can dine and converse in private.

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