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"Bully meets Nice Guy" is the headline on a full-page story in the current issue of The Economist magazine, portraying the recall election race between Russell Pearce and Jerry Lewis in Mesa.

The story calls state Senate President Pearce "a tough-talking Mormon Republican from Mesa" who manifests a "gun-loving and government-hating conservatism."

It describes the matchup between Pearce and Lewis this way: "Next to Mr. Pearce's aggression, Mr. Lewis embodies niceness and politeness."

The story says that in Tuesday's recall election, the choice is one of tone and style rather than substance, although it allows that the tone and style have become substance.

A poll last week from the Arizona Capitol Times shows the race a virtual dead heat, giving Lewis a slight lead that is within the poll's margin of error.

The outcome, as The Economist suggests, may change who serves in the Senate and the manner in which he serves, but it won't change the conservative bent of the Republican majority.

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