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Political Buzz – December 22nd, 2011


In a written statement, Commissioner Bersin said he was “immensely proud of the significant and meaningful achievements” he made during his two years at the head of CPB.

Bersin was appointed to the position by President Obama during a congressional recess and was never confirmed by the US Senate.

Deputy Commissioner David Aguilar, the former Tucson Border Patrol chief, will take over as acting commissioner.

Bersin and Governor Jan Brewer verbally sparred earlier this year in Phoenix over whether or not the US-Mexico border is safer than in years past.

Bersin’s last day in office is December 30.


Governor Jan Brewer said the news that Standard and Poor's credit rating agency has upgraded Arizona's credit outlook from "negative" to "stable" is another sign the state is starting to get back into good financial shape.

In a statement, she said the upgrade is, “validation that we’re on the right path.”

This is just the latest sign of Arizona’s improving economy, she said. Other good indicators she cites are nearly thirteen thousand jobs added in November, and the higher-than expected sales tax receipts the state is seeing so far this year.

The state government needs to remain small and efficient, she said, so that growth in the private sector can continue the trend.

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