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The Fiesta Bowl scandal and subsequent news just won't go away. The latest update: the Bowl is asking politicians to repay it for past trips, tickets and contributions.

This comes after a spring full of revelations that the Bowl was misspending money, including making illegal campaign contributions and extravagant spending. Several lawmakers rushed to revise their financial reports after the scandal broke, hoping to report gifts of tickets and trips from the bowl, even though they hadn't previously reported them.

Three local officials are on the list of those from whom the Fiesta Bowl seeks repayment, according to a list the Arizona Republic published, showing how much the Fiesta Bowl spent, and what officials have already repaid.

The bowl wants $16,846 State Sen. Linda Lopez, $3,755 from former State Rep. David Bradley, and $30 from State Sen. Paula Aboud. About is the lowest dollar amount on the list. Senate President Russell Pearce is at the top of the list, with a bill for $37,930.

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