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The question of what to do with leftover city council office money is causing yet another rift in the Tucson City Council.

Councilman Steve Kozachik wanted to use the $85,000 left over in his council office budget to fill potholes in the ward he represents, midtown Ward 6. It was on the consent agenda for this week's council meeting, but it was pulled and the council voted 5-2 to pool all their extra money and decide later how to use it.

Each office gets the same amount at the beginning of the budget year, July 1. In the past, the leftover money has been used in whatever way the councilmember from that ward chooses. If it's not used, it gets swept into the general fund for the next budget year.

Kozachik calls the move to pool the funds the "poster child of hyperpartisanship." He said pooling the money means less will be spent on what people his ward want.

Should the funds be used in the same ward as the savings? Or should all the wards/citizens benefit from any year-end savings? It's a debate we expect to hear more about.

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