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Three congressional candidates in Southern Arizona are getting noticed by the national parties in Washington.

Congressional District 1Republican Jonathan Paton and Congressional District 2Republican Martha McSally have both been named “Young Guns” by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

That designation means that both Paton and McSally have reached certain benchmarks set out by the NRCC. Those goals include fundraising.

Meanwhile Congressional District 1 Democrat Ron Barber has been named a “Frontline” candidate by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. That group is actively fundraising for Barber on its web site.

The CD 1 and CD 2 races in Southern Arizona are both garnering plenty of national attention with both major parties spending money for advertising in the districts.

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Larry Evers @ Oct 23, 2012

Christopher Conover is completely inept. He is an embarrassment to PBS. Deer in the headlights. Overwhelmed Out of his depth. He completely lost control of the debate tonight. Don't clap, he says they clap he does nothing Please hire a real journalistl like Andrea Kelly. Whose "son" is he? Stop the sexist hiring. Get somebody competent rather than a friend of the station manager.

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