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Unforgettable The Korean War


While we did try to be all-inclusive with the variety of service members that appear in Unforgettable: The Korean War we obviously were not able to represent every type of contribution to the war effort. I apologize to those who were left out. However, I must admit, I never thought about the help of these four-legged veterans!


Most stations will air the program either at 9pm or 10pm, if you'd like to see when it will air in a specific location you can find out by visiting the PBS website. Point your web browser to this PBS Website and enter the information requested. Please encourage your friends and family to share their comments here as well.

Spencer Tank

About Unforgettable The Korean War

The purpose of this blog is create a space for people to share their Korean War memories. *Unforgettable* producer, Tom Kleespie and Veteran liaison, Erin Deely are the moderators. We hope the sharing of these memories will further awareness of the service and sacrifices made by Korean War Veterans and their families.