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This month we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) with special programming across PBS 6, World, Vme, and the UA Channel. The feature program, Latino Americans, is a special six-part documentary film that chronicles the lives and experiences of Latinos in the United States from 1500 to the 21st century.

A special members-only event on Sunday, September 15 at the Center for Creative Photography will feature highlights from the Latino Americans documentary and a lecture by Dr. Juan R. Garcia, Professor of History at the University of Arizona College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

The Latino Americans series airs Tuesdays on PBS 6, September 17th, 24th and October 1st at 8 p.m. with encore broadcasts the following Fridays at 2 p.m. Hispanic Heritage Month programming also includes the re-broadcast of AZPM’s original production “Barrios and Barriers,” the premiere of “Earthflight: A Nature Special Presentation: South America,” and the second season of In the Americas with David Yetman, to name a few. Check program schedules for PBS 6, World, Vme, and the UA Channel at

Other PBS 6 program highlights this month include a marathon broadcast of the award-winning Ken Burns’ National Parks: America’s Best Idea. Each night at 8 p.m. starting Labor Day and continuing through Saturday the 7th, tune in to this six-part documentary on the history of America’s national parks.

Earthflight: A Nature Special Presentation, a six-part, awe-inspiring journey airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. starting September 4. Take to the skies and explore earth’s natural wonders through the eyes of birds from around the world including North America’s snow geese, Africa’s cape gannets, Europe’s cranes, South America’s scarlet macaws, Asia’s swallows and swifts, and Australia’s lorikeets and budgies.

Three years ago, PBS 6 launched the Hollywood at Home film series on Saturday nights at 9 p.m. The series features great classic and contemporary films and has become very popular among PBS 6 viewers. This month, in celebration of the Jewish holidays, a special presentation of “Fiddler on the Roof” will air Thursday, September 12 at 8 p.m., with an encore broadcast on Sunday, September 15 at 1 p.m. Other feature films this month include “Get Shorty” on Sept. 14, “Splendor in the Grass” on Sept. 21, and “The Birdcage” on Sept. 28.

In other news –

Zac Ziegler, an AZPM news reporter, will participate in the Community Food Bank SNAP Challenge set for September 3 – 6, 2013. Zac and his wife Ashley will be among the many participants who will challenge themselves to live on a budget of $4.00 per day per person for a four-day period. $4.00 per day is the average amount of Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits received by those participating in the program. Zac will chronicle online his and his wife’s experiences living on a total food budget of $8.00 per day starting September 2. He will broadcast an in-depth report on Monday morning, September 9 during Morning Edition on NPR 89.1. If you miss it, you can read and listen to the entire story at

AZPM’s news team will provide in-depth coverage of all the Tucson City Council candidates and ballot initiatives starting later this month, prior to the elections on November 5th. AZ Illustrated Politics will feature full coverage of the initiatives and the candidates are invited to take part in forums. The stories and forums will wrap up by October 18th, the day early voting begins. Arizona Week will look at the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and its impact on businesses and individuals in Arizona. September 17th is Constitution Day, when immigrants traditionally take their U.S. citizenship oaths. Arizona Week will visit a swearing in ceremony and talk with some newly minted citizens. Watch AZ Illustrated Politics on Fridays at 6:30 p.m. and Arizona Week on Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on PBS 6. Tune in to NPR 89.1 and visit for complete election coverage and the ballot initiatives that will affect our community.

We welcome our newest members to the Community Advisory Board: Karen Borek, University of Arizona Adjunct Faculty, Religious Studies; Paul Lindsey, owner of Arizona Stagecoach and Salon Nouveau; Jan Lesher (Emeritus), Deputy County Administrator for Pima County; and UA student representative Morgan Abraham, ASUA Student Body President.

On behalf of all of us at AZPM, thank you for your viewership, listenership, and continued support.

Jack Gibson

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